March 20, 2023
Season 2
Episode 6

What "Nontraditional" Learners
Teach All of Us

Kai Drekmeier Podcast Season 2 headshot

In this episode, “non-traditional” students take the stage to share their stories of struggle and triumph. More than 70% of people in the United States pursuing higher education are considered non-traditional, yet many grapple with securing pathways to success between the classroom and work. Host Tameshia Bridges Mansfield and special guest Kai Drekmeier from InsideTrack explore how traditional education and workforce systems can help set up all students for success. 

Guest Speakers from the stage: 


  • Christina Hasaan, Temple University and Hope Center Graduate
  • Frederick Shegog, Founder of The Message LLC
  • Evan Meredith, Graduate of Climb Hire 

Moderator: Lisette Nieves, President for the Fund for the City of New York 

Special Guest: Kai Drekmeier, Co-founder and Chief Development Officer of InsideTrack 

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