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Introducing Horizons . . . The Podcast

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At JFF, our mission is to drive change in the American workforce, create a more equitable society, and design innovative solutions that foster economic advancement for all. At our annual Horizons summit in June, we urged attendees to embrace the lessons of 2020 and join together to build a future rooted in equity and opportunity for all workers and learners.

Now as we look toward Horizons 2022, we’re amplifying some of the most powerful conversations from Horizons 2021 in a new podcast series called, yes, “Horizons.”


Hosted by Tameshia Bridges Mansfield, JFF’s vice president of workforce innovation, the podcasts will explore critical questions like these: 

  • How can we equitably prepare workers for the jobs of the future?  
  • What can employers do to reach a more diverse talent pool to fill in-demand jobs? 
  • How can policies more effectively meet the needs of the professionals who support learners and workers in the field? 

Tune in to monthly episodes to hear inspiring insights from experts representing a wide cross-section of the education and workforce ecosystem. One highlight is a conversation with the secretaries of the U.S. departments of Education, Commerce, and Labor—Miguel Cardona, Gina Raimondo, and Marty Walsh—who talked about bridging the path from learning to work into next year and beyond.

Listen to our trailer for a preview:


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