About Horizons

The Horizons summit is where we explore the newest ideas for transforming the field and center the voices of the people most impacted by the transformation.

By attending our flagship summit, listening to our podcast, or watching our video series, you’re connecting with thinkers and innovators who have joined Jobs for the Future’s journey toward our North Star: In 10 years, 75 million people facing systemic barriers to advancement will work in quality jobs.
We realize our North Star is ambitious. To activate equity and seize the next frontier of equitable economic advancement, we need the power of employers. We need the power of policymakers. We need the power of philanthropists, thought leaders, changemakers, and innovators. We need The Power of Us.
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Our Approach

We recognize this is a critical moment for our nation’s future, and we approach our work guided by the belief that we can overcome our divisions to collaborate and find solutions.

That means we:


Design solutions

through bold thinking and big swings. We encourage, test, and advance innovative ideas from across sectors and parties, and invite a wide range of collaborators to the conversation.

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Scale best practices

by building strong partnerships across the learn-and-work ecosystem, and help proven models find pathways toward greater impact.

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Influence policy and action

with timely, boundary-pushing thought leadership that names the barriers and systems that prevent equitable economic advancement, and offers informed and reasoned action steps.

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Invest in innovation

by providing support, resources, and networking for problem-solvers with dynamic new approaches.

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