June 21, 2024
Season 3
Episode 5 Part 2

Banning LGBTQ Education Blocks LGBTQ Economic Advancement Part 2


    As the world celebrates Pride Month, Jobs for the Future continues to examine the challenges LGBTQ workers and learners, especially educators, face in joining and being a part of the U.S. workforce. In this episode of the Horizon’s podcast, host Tameshia Bridges Mansfield brings us back to the stage at SXSW EDU, to continue listening in on an enlightening, personal, and passionate conversation between JFF’s Taylor Sprague and special guest Philip McAdoo, a leading diversity, equity, and inclusion educator and activist. 

    Host: Tameshia Bridges Mansfield, Vice President, Workforce & Regional Economies, JFF  

    Special Guest: Philip McAdoo, Educator and Activist & Taylor Sprague, Director of Strategy, JFF


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