May 29, 2024
Season 3
Episode 5

Banning LGBTQ Education Blocks LGBTQ Economic Advancement

Philip McAdoo 01

    LGBTQ workers and learners are under attack around the United States despite decades of strides for civil rights, including a 2020 landmark Supreme Court ruling protecting Americans from discrimination based on sexual orientation and gender identity. In this episode of the Horizon’s podcast, host Tameshia Bridges Mansfield passes the microphone to her colleague, Taylor Sprague, who welcomes special guest Philip McAdoo, a leading diversity, equity and inclusion educator and activist on the stage at SXSW. Taylor and Philip share their own experiences fighting discrimination as they walk a tightrope between protecting themselves and staying in the fight for their own professional fulfillment and, for Philip, a calling to help children learn and grow.

    Host: Tameshia Bridges Mansfield, Vice President, Workforce & Regional Economies, JFF  

    Special Guest: Philip McAdoo, Educator and Activist & Taylor Sprague, Director of Strategy, JFF

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