June 12, 2023
Season 2
Episode 8

Dual Transformation:
Creating a Better Tomorrow for Today’s Workforce

Maria Flynn 01

    In this final episode of season 2 of the Horizons podcast, host Tameshia Bridges Mansfield and special guest Maria Flynn, President and CEO of JFF, dissect some of the efforts that are in motion to create a more equitable workforce post-pandemic and how the approach of dual transformation can help address the change that’s needed now and in the future.  

    The lessons from the pandemic could not be more clear. Disparities in wealth, education, opportunity, and safety proved devastating for millions of American workers who are now demanding change. So, how do today’s businesses build a better tomorrow? 


    • Rachel Romer, Cofounder and CEO, Guild 
    • Brent Parton, Principal Deputy Assistant Secretary/Acting Assistant Secretary for Employment and Training Administration, U.S. Department of Labor    
    • Tyra Mariani, President, Schultz Family Foundation & Member, JFF Board of Directors  

    Moderator: Hari Sreenivasan, Host, Amanpour & Company, PBS & CNN International  

    Special Guest: Maria Flynn, President and CEO, JFF

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