Horizons: On the Record

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    March 27, 2023 | Session Recordings

    Episode 5: A Fair Chance for Success


    One in three people in the United States have a criminal record that negatively impacts their employment opportunities. In a 2021 survey from the Society for Human Resource Management, more than 53% of HR professionals said they are interested in hiring people with records. Having access to high-quality education and training opportunities can prepare individuals to use their skills and education credentials when they return to their communities after incarceration. With the restoration of Pell Grants for individuals who are currently incarcerated taking effect in July, more people will have access to post-secondary education, improving their opportunities when reentering the community. Travel with us as we visit the Hudson Link program in Ossining, New York, revealing what’s needed to create a diverse talent pipeline for future workforce needs. 


    Sean Pica, Executive Director, Hudson Link

    Brian Fischer, Former Corrections Commissioner, NY

    Kiki Dunston, Community Engagement Manager, Hudson Link

    Morgan Godvin, Engagement Editor, JSTOR Daily

    Jesse Crosson, Founder, Second Chancer Foundation

    Brian Hooks, Chairman & CEO, Stand Together

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