February 26, 2024
Season 3
Episode 3

Equity Needed for the American Dream

Ashley Black 1

    In this episode of the Horizons podcast, we explore one aspect of the American dream—climbing the corporate ladder. Abigail Disney of Hollywood’s dream-making family takes the stage at Jobs for the Future’s (JFF) Horizons summit, calling out corporate leaders for perpetuating a fairytale of upward mobility for all and challenging them to reshape the U.S. economy for the benefit of all workers. Host Tameshia Bridges Mansfield continues the conversation started by Disney with special guest Ashley Black, Managing Director of Equity Strategies for Delta Airlines. Black shares the industry leader’s blueprint for a more equitable and sustainable future of work for its frontline staffers. Together, they explore the routes that Delta is taking to help its workers’ dreams take flight. 

    Host: Tameshia Bridges Mansfield, Vice President, Workforce & Regional Economies, JFF  

    Special Guest: Ashley Black, Managing Director, Equity Strategies for Delta Airlines

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