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Tuesday, June 7

6:30–7:15 AM

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7:30–8:30 AM
Breakfast & Registration
Ballroom Foyer

Jean Eddy, President and CEO, ASA

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8:30–10:00 AM
Opening Plenary: See Beyond
Grand Ballroom

This is Ours to Solve — See Beyond

Maria Flynn, President and CEO, JFF

The Need for Dual Transformation

Hari Sreenivasan, PBS News Hour (moderator)

Rachel Romer Carlson, CEO and Founder, Guild Education  

Brent Parton, Principal Deputy Assistant Secretary/Acting Assistant Secretary for Employment and Training Administration, U.S. Department of Labor

Tyra Mariani, President, Schultz Family Foundation; Member, JFF Board of Directors

A Cross-Sector Perspective

Steve Lohr, Reporter, The New York Times (moderator) 

Emily Allen, Senior Vice President, Programs, AARP Foundation

Joe Fuller, Professor, Harvard Business School, and Senior Fellow, Burning Glass Institute

Michael Baston, President, Rockland Community College

10:30–11:20 AM
Spotlight Sessions

Sessions Include:

Good Jobs: Moving to Action

The Reinvention of the 4-Year University

Shaping the Future of Education-to-Career Pathways: Policy and Practice  Sponsored by ASA

Promoting Equitable Economic Advancement in the American South

Executive Branch Collaboration to Scale Equity and Innovation

Rise With the STARs: Closing the 30-Year Wage Gap for Workers Without 4-Year Degrees

Financing the Future Debate: Is the Emergence of ISAs Good for Students?

11:45 AM–1:30 PM
Lunch Plenary: Skills vs. Degrees: A False Dichotomy
Grand Ballroom

Skills-Based Education – A Universal Language for Learning 

Scott Pulsipher, President, Western Governors University

Financing the Future of Learning Today

Troy Blackwood, Head of Structured Investments, Google (moderator)

Jake Edwards, Vice President, Social Finance

Jukay Hsu, CEO, Pursuit 

Nitzan Pelman, CEO, Climb Hire 

Healthy Tension – A Debate About What Constitutes Success for Lifelong Learning 

Meghan Hughes, President, Community College of Rhode Island 

Bertina Ceccarelli, CEO, NPower 

Maurice Jones, CEO, OneTen 

John Katzman, CEO, Noodle  

Julie Peller, Executive Director, Higher Learning Advocates 

Moving to Action on Skills-Based Hiring

Byron Auguste, President and Cofounder, Opportunity@Work

LaShana Lewis, CEO and Founder, L. M. Lewis Consulting

Stacy Eng, Chief Learning and Talent Officer, Chevron

Shana DeSmit, Vice President, Regional General Manager, Central U.S., Sam's Club; Member, JFF Board of Directors

1:45–2:35 PM
Concurrent Sessions
Round 1

Sessions Include:

Building Technology for the Deskless Worker

Championing Innovation in the Career-Connected Learning Space

The Future of Education-to-Work Pathways in Rural and Urban Colorado

Futurism: How Social Entrepreneurs Will Shape the Future of Workforce Development Sponsored by Cognizant

Jobs-First Higher Ed: Turning 'Stackable' Credentials into a Reality

Lifelong Learner Record Strategies to Empower Learners

National Innovation Hub: The Occupational Segregation Conundrum in Registered Apprenticeship

Paying It Forward: Financing Future-Focused Job Training in New Jersey

Preventing Student Debt — Not Just Delaying or Forgiving It
Sponsored by Guild Education

Taking on the Crisis Facing Young Adults: How Bad Is It? And What Can We Do?

Bright Spots:

How States are Unifying Data and Systems to Improve Decision-Making for Policymakers and Individuals

Six Ways Industry Collaborates with High Schools

Skilling: It’s not Rocket Science, but it is Science

2:35–3:00 PM
Networking Break
3:00–3:50 PM
Concurrent Sessions
Round 2

Session Include: 

Apprenticeships at Minority Serving Institutions: Partners in Workforce DEI

Deep Dive on Skills-Based Approaches to Moving Employers from Intent to Action

Employment Tech Field Guide: What to Do When Encountering Employment Tech in the Wild

Have a Workforce Problem? Put a Blockchain on It!

How Supporting the Creative Communities Can Drive Impact and Commerce

Making Career Navigation a Universal Good: How Policy Can Drive Transformation Across Systems

Meet the Tech Founders Building the Future of Work

Reimagining Scholarships from an Abundance Approach

Telling the Truth About Transformation: Lessons from the Trenches on Advancing Educational and Economic Justice

Bright Spots:

Creating Future Educators Through Modern Youth Apprenticeship

Frontline Workers Speak Up: Strengthening Upward Mobility in Low-Paying Jobs

Leveling Up Apprenticeship: Filling Talent Gaps and Delivering Equity

4:05–5:20 PM
Afternoon Plenary: Leadership and Innovation Across Sectors
Grand Ballroom

Flipped Microphone–The Interviewer is Interviewed

Kara Swisher, Editor-at-Large, Recode Decode & Pivot Podcasts; Executive Producer, Code Conference; Author

Alice Shobe, Global Director, Amazon in the Community; Member, JFF Board of Directors

From the Business Climate to Climate Resilient Jobs Sponsored by Ares

Jane Oates, President, WorkingNation

David Gelles, Reporter, The New York Times

Leading Today for Tomorrow
Sponsored by IBM

Cat Ward, Managing Director, JFFLabs

Lydia Logan, Vice President for Global Education and Workforce Development, IBM Corporate Social Responsibility

Ryan Stowers, Executive Director, Charles Koch Foundation

Monique Baptiste, Executive Director, Head of Workforce Philanthropy at JPMorgan Chase & Co., JPMorgan Chase

5:20–7:00 PM
JFF Reception
Grand Ballroom

Entertainment Provided by Preservation Hall All-Stars
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Wednesday, June 8

6:30–7:15 AM
7:30–8:30 AM
Ballroom Foyer

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8:30–10:00 AM
Morning Plenary: And Justice for All
Grand Ballroom

A Secret to His Success: Nike Executive Larry Miller’s Story 

Ken Oliver, Executive Director,

Larry Miller, Chairman of the Jordan Advisory Board, Nike 

Driving Forward with Fair Chance Hiring  

Sean Hosman, CEO, Vant4age 

Ken Kuwmaura, Talent Acquisition, Union Pacific Railroad

Ken Oliver, Executive Director,

Lucretia Murphy, Associate Vice President, JFF

Racial Economic Equity Benefits Everyone 

Heather McGhee, Author

Kristina Francis, Executive Director, JFFLabs

10:00–10:30 AM
Networking Break

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10:30–11:20 AM
Concurrent Sessions
Round 3

Sessions Include: 

A Clarion Call for Reimagined Education R&D

Beltway Buzz: The Latest Updates on Federal Policy and an Eye Towards Midterm Elections

Beyond Credential Hierarchies: Closing Equity Gaps Between Pathways

Big Idea to Sustainable Models: Designing for Action with Your Community

BigFuture Networking Session Sponsored by College Board

Building Professional Social Capital That Works

Ready for Pell? Positioning Prison Education Programs Ready for Scale, Quality, and Equity in 2023 and Beyond Sponsored by Ascendium

Talent Pipelines: Investing in the Success of Immigrant and Refugee Workers

The Power of Coaching to Support Transformational Organizational Change

Using Alternative Credentials to Meet DEI&A Goals Sponsored by SHRM

Bright Spots:

NFT Certificates: The Future of Transparency on the Blockchain

Leveraging Blockchain to Bridge Gaps in National Workforce Development Investment

Work-Based Learning as a Catalyst for Community Building and Economic Mobility

11:30 AM–1:00 PM
Lunch Plenary: Developing Solutions at Scale Equitable Policy
Grand Ballroom

The White House View on Developing  Future Talent 

Carmel Martin, Deputy Director for Economic Mobility, White House Domestic Policy Council 

Workforce Collaboration: An Equitable Formula 

Stephen Goldsmith, Derek Bok Professor of the Practice of Urban Policy, Director of the Data Smart Cities Program, Bloomberg Center for Cities at Harvard University 

Todd Fisher, Program Director American Rescue Plan Funds, U.S. Department of Commerce, Economic Development Administration 

Chuck Morse, Executive Director at Thrive New Orleans Empowering People with a Network of Resources and Relationships 

Sunae Villavaso, Director, Mayor's Office of Workforce Development, Office of Business and External Services

The Entrepreneurial Approach to Solving Problems at Scale

Jena McGregorSenior Editor, Forbes

Hamoon Ekhtiari, CEO, FutureFit AI  

Thomas Brunskill, CEO and Co-founder, Forage 

Jason Wang, CEO and Co-founder, FreeWorld 

Muriel Clauson, CEO and Co-founder, Anthill 

Labor Looks Forward 

Eric Seleznow, Senior Advisor, JFF

Liz Shuler, President, AFL-CIO

1:15–2:05 PM
Spotlight Sessions

Sessions Include:

Centering Racial Equity in the Skills-Based Ecosystem of the Future Sponsored by Walmart

Earn and Learn: Apprenticeships Creating Diverse Tech Workforce

Advancing Workforce AI with Equity and Ethics

Americorps: Can National Service Be a Part of the Upskilling Solution?

The Big Blur: Is 2022 the Beginning of the End for the Traditional Transition from High School-to-Postsecondary-to-Work?

Defining an Impact Employer: How the Bar is Changing for What a 'Good Company' Looks Like

The Humility and Humanity of Our Language: An Ongoing Journey

Concurrent Sessions
Round 4

Sessions Include:

How We Can All Find Our Place in the Future of Skilled Work

Multiple Views on Multiple Pathways: How and Why Students Choose Their Postsecondary Path Sponsored by College Board

Strategic Disruption: Using Chaos to Drive Institutional Change

The Future of Jobs, Work, Learning and Life...Now!

Bright Spots:

Skills: The Atomic Units of a More Sustainable, Resilient and Equitable Economy

The Time is Now to Expand Access to Pell Grants Through Quality Offerings

Youth and Young Adult Talent Development Starts with Mental Health and Socioemotional Wellbeing: A Case for Holistic Workforce Development for Opportunity Youth

Cultivating Change in the Community

Making Sense of Human Capital Theory: Early Themes from Research that Explores how Black Women Perceive Their Human Capital After Participating in a STEM Apprenticeship


3:30–4:00 PM
Closing Plenary
Grand Ballroom

Lessons Lived and Learned 

Lisette Nieves,  President, Fund for the City of New York; Member, JFF Board of Directors

Christina Hasaan, Temple University and Hope Center Graduate  

Frederick Shegog, Founder, The Message LLC

Evan Meredith, Climb Hire Graduate

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