Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, Belonging, and Well-Being

at Horizons

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Diversity, equity, inclusion, belonging, and well-being are core to JFF’s North Star and mission. 

This translates into how we imagine and design our Horizons experience for staff, attendees, students, and beyond. Below are some of the practices we are bringing to the Horizons summit to reinforce our commitment. 

Free Registration for Speakers

Providing free registration for speakers at an event is an inclusive practice that promotes diversity and enriches the attendee experience. By eliminating registration fees for speakers, organizers remove financial barriers, ensuring a more diverse lineup of voices and perspectives. This approach recognizes that valuable insights come from individuals of various backgrounds, fostering equal access to opportunities and creating a dynamic and inclusive professional community at the summit. 

Prayer Rooms

During event hours, a prayer room located on the M3 level of the hotel will be available for prayer and spiritual practices of any faith. This is a quiet shared space where all religious and spiritual beliefs are welcome. 

Quiet Room/Sensory Room

During event hours, the quiet room will be available for sensory downtime, relaxation, and meditation. The shared quiet room will be equipped with ear plugs, sensory and fidgeting tools, comfortable seating, and activities for downtime. 

Lactation Room

During event hours, a shared lactation room is available on the M3 level of the hotel. This room will be equipped with a mini fridge, pumping supplies (such as milk bags and wipes—please bring your own pumping equipment), dividers, and a door sign for privacy, as well as snacks and beverages.   

Sensory/Concentration Tools

As a part of the Horizons check-in process, we will provide optional sensory tools (such as fidget spinners and earplugs) to all attendees. 

Closed Captioning

On our main stage, we will offer closed captioning and reserved seating closer to the screen. Ushers will have signs directing to these seats. 

Dietary Accommodations

The menu at Horizons will offer food for all dietary needs disclosed at registration. Dietary accommodations include and are not limited to vegetarian, vegan, pescetarian, dairy-free, gluten-free, celiac, and halal. 

Inclusion and Accessibility Leads

In addition to general event Q&A, we will have a team dedicated to inclusion and accessibility needs on site, located on the Mezzanine level. The inclusion and accessibility team will be available for questions and concerns, and will provide support with accommodations for our guests.  

Intentionality and Representation in Speakers and Topics

The Horizons Planning Team intentionally builds sessions that reflect the diversity of our ecosystem. We encourage racial and gender balance, and we amplify the voices of young learners and workers via the Horizons Ambassador Program and by encouraging session leads to include youth voices.  

Content Recordings

While we host the Horizons summit as a fully in-person event, we will make many of our plenary sessions available virtually through our Horizons site, and we will continue to post clips with highlights on social media for our entire network to enjoy. 

Mobility Accessibility

The Horizons venue follows the ADA standards, and all floors are accessible via elevators and escalators and all session rooms are wheelchair accessible. Every floor has at least one accessible restroom. Our team will also guide guests to ensure priority access to food and seating, with reserved seats near the stage or speaker area in every session.

Gender Inclusivity

As part of registration, we are asking attendees to denote their pronouns, which will be prominently displayed on their name tags (unless the participant prefers not to disclose). Guests can find all-gender restrooms located on each floor.

Receptions and Gatherings

We will offer non-alcoholic beverages and alternative activities during receptions to ensure that all attendees feel safe and comfortable during on-site receptions hosted by our team.

We also recognize that people's comfort with personal touch varies. We encourage all attendees, regardless of relationship, to ask before touching others, shaking hands, or hugging.

While we make strides each year to make the Horizons summit a great experience for everyone, we understand that we’re still learning and value feedback from past, present, and future attendees about how we can better meet the needs of all of our guests.  

If you have questions, comments, or concerns about diversity, equity, inclusion, belonging, and well-being at Horizons, please reach out to a member of our team at horizons@jff.org.