Horizons, presented by JFF White

July 22-23, 2024  |  Washington, DC

The Horizons summit, JFF’s flagship event, showcases our collective dedication to equitable economic advancement for the nation’s learners and workers.

This Year's Theme: The Power of Us


At Horizons, The Power of Us means:

  • All of us are at the table. That means bold leaders, bipartisan policymakers, big thinkers from top companies, Gen Z learners and innovators at the start of their careers, people who are often systemically excluded from education and the workforce, and people who can share first-hand experiences of navigating our systems.
  • We center our commonality, not our divisions. We hear from people from all walks of life and from both sides of the aisle, centering a person-first experience that allows us to listen and learn from each other.
  • We break down the silos that separate practitioners from policymakers, and corporations from communities. We commit to a future that is equity-centered and data-informed. We agree to take big, bold action to solve our biggest problems—together.
  • We make recommendations guided by our North Star: In 10 years, 75 million people facing systemic barriers to advancement will work in quality jobs.

We celebrate and leverage the common thread that connects all of us: a dedication to creating a better life for the nation’s learners and workers. That’s The Power of Us: identifying our common goals, and committing to collaboration toward big, meaningful systems change and equitable economic advancement for all.

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Guiding Elements

The four guiding elements below are foundational to The Power of Us. They help us in identifying our common goals, and committing to collaboration toward big, meaningful systems change and equitable economic advancement for all.  

At Horizons, we will dive into the collective power and responsibility we all share in shaping the future of work. We will hold open dialogues that center workers and learners at the heart of much-needed changes. How do we design policies that work for learners and workers, not against them?  

In a time of evolving technology and our ongoing climate crisis, the stakes for courageous leadership have never been higher. Horizons is where we question our existing biases and collaborate on solutions to protect future generations. What does it look like to harness the power of today's tools to provide a thriving future for generations to come? How do we scale solutions to better serve 75 million learners and workers?  

For too long, our systems have yielded populations of “haves” and “have-nots.” To seriously commit to ending these inequities, we must break systemic barriers to create a more equitable and inclusive society. By closing these gaps in wealth, education and training, social capital, and more, we can create pathways that empower individuals—regardless of gender, race, or educational background. 

During an election year, we too often focus on what keeps us apart rather than what goals bring us together. At Horizons, we will find common ground to create better educational outcomes and career prospects for the millions of people facing systemic barriers to quality jobs. By doing so, we can scale innovations across local, state, and federal governments to serve different populations. How do you plan to bridge our divisions to create better outcomes? 


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