Stig Leschly

CEO & Founder, College101



Stig is a Senior Lecturer at Harvard Business School where he teaches entrepreneurship.  Apart from his work at HBS, Stig is a practicing entrepreneur, and is currently the CEO and Founder of College101, an issue advocacy organization focused on US higher education.

Stig's work as an entrepreneur includes:

Founder and CEO, College101 (2021-current).  College101 is a non-profit issue advocacy organization focused on US higher education. College101 uses research, data and communications to shine a bright light on the problems of US colleges (skyrocketing tuition, abysmal graduation rates, and erratic employment returns) and on the root cause of those problems. College101 favors solutions in policy and practice that encourage true innovation and that increase student choice.

Cofounder, CEO and Board Chair, Fishtank Learning (2015-2020).  Stig co-founded and led Fishtank Learning, a leading open-source curriculum website that offers teachers and school leaders free or low-cost access to high-quality, standards-aligned, and proven instructional materials in core K-12 subjects. Fishtank Learning is one of the largest and fastest growing open-source curriculum websites in the US. Stig is currently the board chair of Fishtank Learning.

Cofounder, CEO and Board Chair, (2014-2020).  Stig co-founded and oversaw Duet, an innovative college and jobs organization that helps young adults from low-income households earn high-quality, affordable college degrees and qualify for career-track jobs. was launched as a subsidiary at Match Education and eventually spun out as a lone-standing non-profit organization. Stig is currently the board chair of Duet.

CEO, Match Education (2011-2018).  Stig was the CEO of Match Education, a nationally recognized education nonprofit that operates high-performing K-12 charter schools and an innovative graduate school of education that trains and grants Master’s degrees to teachers.

Founder and Managing Partner, Newark Charter School Fund (2005-2010).  Stig was the founder and CEO of the Newark Charter School Fund, an operating foundation dedicated to public school reform and improvement in Newark, NJ.   

Founder and CEO, and EVP, (1997-2001).  After graduating from Harvard's business and law schools, Stig was the founder and CEO of, an early competitor to primarily operated web-sites for buyers and sellers of hard-to-find books and music titles.  In 1999, purchased to help launch its move into intermediated business-to-consumer commerce.  After the acquisition, Stig worked at in various general management and strategic planning capacities and reported to Jeff Bezos.


Stig holds a BA in Comparative Literature (summa cum laude, Phi beta Kappa) from Princeton University (1992) and a combined JD-MBA degree from Harvard Law School and Harvard Business School (1998). 

Stig lives in Brookline, MA with his wife and three daughters.

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