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Joseph B. Fuller

Professor of Management Practice

Harvard Business School

Joseph B. Fuller is a Professor of Management Practice in General Management at the Harvard Business School and a founder and former CEO of Monitor Group, now Monitor-Deloitte, the global management consultancy. He currently teaches a course on general management decision making and formerly led the required course on entrepreneurship, the Entrepreneurial Manager.


Joe is the co-director of the school's long-term project, Managing the Future of Work, and a Visiting Fellow at the American Enterprise Institute. He has spent the last six years studying issues related to employment and income polarization. Specifically, he has focused on the 'skills gap'-the phenomenon that employers find it hard to fill open positions at the same time the nation suffers from high levels of underemployment and falling workforce participation.


He co-authored Room to Grow: Identifying New Frontiers in Apprenticeships in collaboration with Matt Sigelman, CEO of Burning Glass Technologies. He recently published Dismissed by Degrees: How Degree Inflation is undermining U.S. Competitiveness and hurting America's Middle class, an extensive examination of the impact of rising academic requirements on employers and job seekers. He is also the principal author of Bridge the Gap: Rebuilding America's Middle Skills and a co-author of Managing the Talent Pipeline, two widely cited papers on potential means for addressing the skills gap.


He is currently completing research on the workings of the "care economy" in the United States. That research focuses on the impact that episodic and predictable care giving obligations have on workers, their career paths and the implications for employers. His ongoing research focuses on the future of work more broadly, specifically the growth of non-traditional employment relationships and the implications for workers and employers.